New Partick Brown Artwork: Launch Piece

Posted by OptimumPx September 10, 2013 : 6 Comments : 9,972 Views

With just under a week left to go until the big day Patrick Brown, everyone's favorite GTA fan artist, has come out with a new artwork: 'Launch Piece'

Patrick Brown: Launch Piece
'I wanted to do something for the launch of the game and this is what I've come up with. I really wanted to do something that uses all three protagonists in one scene, so here we have a bit of a gang shootout that takes part in a robbery, you can see the armored truck in the distance.'
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  • Robbieh15 (Guest) September 11, 2013
    great art work mate cant wait for it to come out in six day :)
  • dark_gamer89 (Guest) September 10, 2013
    wow nice artwork!
  • Some dude (Guest) September 10, 2013
    "Hurry up if i dont get home in five minutes IM SHITTIN MY PANTS!!!"
  • wolforiginal (Guest) September 10, 2013
    This artwork looks so incredible. It captures almost everything GTA 5 stands for. From three protagonist, heavy action, hard core explotions, up to heists. But it misses weapon modifications, which is an important part of the game. The image pretty much gives you a complete picture of GTA V, but with a simple detail like that, it could give us an even bigger picture. Incredible artwork!!!
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