New Trevor Artwork

Posted by OptimumPx November 30, 2012 : 17 Comments : 33,079 Views

Well, it's the last day of what better way to celebrate than a new official GTA V wallpaper of Trevor!

Official GTA V Artwork 'Beach Weather'

"Meet Trevor Phillips, the unhinged, unpredictable, psychopathic career criminal and drug addict that you will play as one of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V this spring."

Trevor Avatar Get it in various sizes from Rockstar Downloads here. A Social Club Avatar is also available. Keep an eye out here for more artwork in the near future, hopefully including matching pics of the two other protagonists Michael and Franklin!

Comments (17)

  • edindogan (Guest) February 17, 2013
  • todd (Guest) January 11, 2013
    I like rocksar gta game and wait 4 gta5
  • Guest (Guest) December 03, 2012
    Trevor acts nothing like a psychopath. i have a friend who is a psychopath, so many people have no clue what that even means and associate it with killing or criminal.

    also what is the deal with so many thumnbs down or what ever they are called on this website. i understand for the trolls but i sometimes see a comment that isnt negative in anyway but has -5 or more. even if someone says something you dont agree with, they are just commenting on their thoughts. chill out.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 02, 2012
    He also has "CUT HERE" on his neck with a dotted line.
  • kalikid (Guest) December 02, 2012
    anyone notice the " FUCK YOU tattoo on his knucks ?
  • bOnEs (Guest) December 01, 2012
    it's new from R*, they never released it... it's not new to us who find all the leaks though... but we also never had the wallpaper version, that's the main thing about the art, it's a new wallpaper for your desktop or phone...
  • Hty (Guest) December 01, 2012
    @Bones Yea ik but that still doesnt make it new
  • PedestrianRiotz (Guest) December 01, 2012
    @SNIP3ER Yeah I can sense some sad scenes in the game and tough decisions that we won't want to make....and I know right? I've played every decent game there is for the 360 so I'm literally only waiting for GTA V :(
  • SNIP3R (Guest) December 01, 2012
    @PedestrianRiotz i feel at some point its going to be 2 against 1.Maybe at some point Trevor becomes too dangerous because he has nothing to lose.Maybe.Spring is slow to get here :(
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