PlayStation Offical Magazine Says Dan Houser Working on GTA V

Posted by TreeFitty October 23, 2011 : 9 Comments : 31,881 Views

October has been a quiet month for GTA V news but cheer up a little with this bit of sunshine...

PlayStation: The Official Magazine has printed an interesting thing. One of their features, "10 Smart Devs," looks at PlayStation's ten smartest developers who are shaping the next wave of PS3 greatness. Among them (seemingly unordered) at number 4 is Rockstar's Dan Houser. Where is he currently according to the magazine? Rockstar North. What's he working on according to the magazine? Grand Theft Auto V. It also mentions his career highlight as Red Dead Redemption but we don't expect that to stay with each new game Rockstar makes. Take a look:

PTOM Dan Houser GTA V Clip
Text version:

Studio > Rockstar North
Twitter > N/A
Current Project > Grand Theft Auto V
Career Highlight > Red Dead Redemption

Shaping the future by writing scripts that close the gap between games and cinema, Houser is the mind behind Rockstar's core titles (including all of the GTAs) and was named one of Time's most influential people of 2009, along with his brother Sam.

Other top developers listed in the first 5 of the full feature are also said to be working on new or upcoming titles:

PTOM Two Page Scan

So what do you think? Is this even more proof of Grand Theft Auto V's existence or is the magazine following suite with rumors? How they know he is at Rockstar North can be questioned too (he and other top people move around frequently). Let us know in the comments below and join the fun in the GTA V forums!

Thanks to Gagester72 for the tip-off and scans!

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  • TreeFitty (Guest) October 25, 2011
    So.... maybe he actually ISN'T working on Grand Theft Auto V since it appears GTA V is very far into developement... :P
  • I'm Saying this (Guest) October 25, 2011
    A good thing going on now and forever R* will be the top notch.
  • bellic (Guest) October 24, 2011
    im waiting for GTA 5, so R* please hurry up!!
  • Dipsy (Guest) October 24, 2011
    Well I dont see how it can be a fake/rumour if it is a legitimate magazine, the only thing that it can be is a pre-announcement as "Gagester72" said. I really hope its soon, as this is as stated the longest period between GTA series for another one to be released. Bring it home R*
  • Gagester72 (Guest) October 24, 2011
    Since this article was in a pretty reliable type source, it makes me think that Rockstar might be beginning the preliminary public announcing. I would be expecting teaser trailers within a few months. Then by next summer maybe the game. Developers usually have a time period they are shooting for when making games and getting them out before holidays or major seasons is important for business. However my guess is as good as anyone elses. Gotta admit though the suspense is awesome. The setting reveal alone has this website favorited at the top of my browser list.
  • The Mad Dooby (Guest) October 24, 2011
    Lets face it, GTA 5 is the next big annocement for Rockstar. But they shouldnt be planning anything about the game, They should almost be finished it, What they should be planning is the marketing
  • TreeFitty (Guest) October 23, 2011
    I'm leaning towards rumors too. No doubt something is happening over at Rockstar North, but GTA V still may not be it.
  • DuPz0r (Guest) October 23, 2011
    @Marney. There is no doubt they started working on the next GTA before IV was even released. GTA is the kind of game that needs a lot of planning.
  • Marney1 (Guest) October 23, 2011
    I think it's pure speculation based on a huge educated guess. If dan Houser is currently working on GTA V let's hope he's well past the writing stage.
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