Possible GTA 5 Character Details Leaked

Posted by Psy (via Marney1) March 29, 2011 : 28 Comments : 82,399 Views

Rumors are circulating that Take 2 have put out a private casting call, presumably looking for voice artists for the new Grand Theft Auto game (which we presume to be GTA 5).

In it are a number of character profiles, one of which in particular stands out... A character listed by the name of James Pedeaston. Although not a major character, and probably not one you'll remember, James has been present in previous GTA games, notably Grand Theft Auto IV. He was on the "WCTR" radio station talking about his desire to make love to young tribal boys.

A quote from Grand Theft Wiki gives more details on James:
James Pedeaston is a child molester wanted in Malaysia and is being investigated by the FBI. He hosted The Wild Traveler show on WCTR in 1992, although it is apparently syndicated to nine other stations (not heard in-game). He enjoys traveling the world and logging some of his most ‘exotic’ encounters in his travelogue, some of which he accidentally reads on-air to the disgust of the listeners. His favourite memory seems to be a relationship with a boy named Avrindar in Sri Lanka. His show appears to be so reviled by his listeners that at one point, he receives few calls which are not supportive. For example, a caller tells him to stop droning on about other countries and focus on talking about where he lives. At one point he received a phone call from a suicidal man in Verdant Bluffs who wanted to go to hell. Pedeaston replies with “Me too! Buy me a refrigerator magnet when you get there”. In GTA IV, he was arrested by the Indonesian police after being suspected of child molesting in Bali, Indonesia in 2003.
Here is a screenshot of the casting call in question, which was posted today and can be viewed at ActorsPages.org (although bear in mind the website no longer (?) displays Take 2 as the production company).

GTA 5 Casting Call

The end date for applications is the end of April this year, which could still point to a game release before the end of the year. Whether these characters will be radio personalities or actual characters in the game remains to be seen, but if this information is correct it provides us with some useful clues towards the game's location (Hollywood - LA once again) and time setting (modern day - or close to it).

Comments (28)

  • Carl Johnson (Guest) October 31, 2011
    Aw hell naw! GTA V better not be set in my city!
  • Sam Houser with his blood (Guest) October 18, 2011
    Someone from Rockstar, guess who he's, told me that this casting call is fake like a piece of cake!
  • Prozac (Guest) September 22, 2011
    It'll be gta IV San an... If people can remember there are lots of conspiracy stuff in the original San an with area 69 it's not going to be in a real city theyv said before that they'd never do a gta in a real city (besides London) lol
  • Don Roberto (Guest) August 28, 2011
    R* need to let us all know when n where it's going 2 be because as soon as it's out, ALL media records will be broken, bye bye Black-Ops!!!
    BTW, GTA5 NEEDS to have a San Andreas map on a PS3 / Next-Gen console as that was the best of the lot!!!
  • Nero (Guest) August 25, 2011
    I don't really know where it is going to be set and I don't care but, I HOPE IT IS IN VICE CITY!!! ;D
  • your mom (Guest) August 20, 2011
    how about: GTAV:the worlds only; details: the setting should be alll around the FUCKEN world!!!
  • pigpen (Guest) August 16, 2011
    CARCER CITY, that's what I been saying! Whole other city that has been mentioned within the GTA universe at least once that I can think of, sounds totally dark and shady, and it hasn't even been touched. I always pictured it as like Detroit on crack. You know, more crack.
  • The GORMAN (Guest) August 02, 2011
    R* have been researching around LA so the game will probably be some around there. Maybe San Andreas map. What I think they should do is that you can travel between places like liberty city and San Andreas. There actually is a clue about this on R* website coz there is a ticket for Nico from Liberty city to San Andreas. I think this game will be awesome however they do it so I just can't wait!
  • DrStuPrice (Guest) July 25, 2011
    Bully 2?
  • neko_ceko (Guest) July 14, 2011
    Sounds more like radio personalities to me.
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