Price of GTA V, Epsilon Album, New Artworks Spotted

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Tomorrow will mark 1 week to Grand Theft Auto V... Exciting, isn't it? Here's a quick round-up of Sunday news.

£170 million

First up, the Scotsman posted an article about GTA V's ridiculous budget. According to them, Rockstar has spent £170 million or roughly $266 million creating and advertising the game. For reference, GTA IV was less than half of that. The article goes on to say that GTA V is on track to rake in around £1 billion ($1.6 billion) in sales.

It's safe for us to agree that Grand Theft Auto V will break records. Don't you think?

The Higher Reaches of Epsilon, Vol. 1

Next, apparently a music album for the Epsilon Program quietly went up on iTunes. Take a listen to "The Higher Reaches of Epsilon, Vol. 1" by The Kifflom Subjects featuring:
Epsilon Music Album
  • Bring out Your Happy
  • Listen to the Trees (Hear the Wisdom)
  • Always Pay on Time
  • Peace Is Both Truth & Myth
  • Happiness is Yours (Kifflom!)
  • Bezahlen Und Gehorchen
  • Collective Vision
  • Greatness Abounds in Certain People
  • Purchase Inner Peace
  • Our Reality is Real (Theirs is Not)
  • Of Kraff, of Life
  • Shutting Down Your Power

New Artworks on Advertisements

Lastly, just as we rounded-up some worldwide advertisements, Rockstar had brand new artworks posted in New Zealand and possibly other places. They feature Amanda, Tracey, Simeon, Wade (face paint guy), and newcomer Tao:

GTA 5 posters
GTA 5 posters


We can only assume these will be officially released as wallpapers very, very soon. Stay tuned and join the discussions in the forums!

Comments (6)

  • WHITECHAPEL369 (Guest) September 09, 2013
    Wade is based on Shaggy 2 Dope from the Insane Clown Posse. Compare pictures of Wade and Shaggy (before he cut his hair) and you'll see a close resemblance.
  • KJR (Guest) September 09, 2013
    @SazzerBoi09; R* stated that they focused the game on PS3 primarily, all trailers and screnshots, gameplay videos are from PS3 too. But R* also confirmed that XBOX360 "won't differ too much"
  • SazzerBoi09 (Guest) September 09, 2013
    I like how they only advertise Playstation with the game advertising, PS3 must be the best platform to obtain the game on.
  • GTAspotter (Guest) September 09, 2013
    Insane anxiety. iGta5 will be over?

  • nz (Guest) September 09, 2013
    Lol its nz not oz
  • LOl (Guest) September 09, 2013
    omfg $226 million... gta 5 is worth it..
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