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Posted by Psy July 22, 2012 : 35 Comments : 25,728 Views

Hey guys,

Many of you may be aware that I have been creating and running Grand Theft Auto fansites for the past 10 or 11 years. Starting with back in 2001, my sites have always followed and supported Rockstar's games. In 2003 I launched the immensely popular and in the years that followed I moved on to GTA4.TV,,, LA-Noire.TV and finally to the latest fansite

I've put in thousands of hours of work including coding and designing the sites, creating content and writing guides, creating maps and images, making audio, videos, tutorials and gameplay mods. I have also replied to thousands of emails and forum posts from other GTA fans. I've had an incredible amount of fun being involved with the GTA community and have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with different people on each of the sites over the years. I've also had the privilege of travelling to New York and Los Angeles with Rockstar to preview their latest games and hang out with the awesome guys who run other fansites.

The time has now come for me to move on from the fansites in order to concentrate on my career. I've enjoyed every minute of the time I've been involved, but I will be stepping aside and passing on the reigns to some of the other guys who have helped out immensely for the majority of the last decade. People like DuffMan, TreeFitty, OptimumPx and Marney-1 will continue to run the websites to the high standards we've come to expect, so don't worry - they'll still be here for years to come!

I'd just like to say a huge thanks to every person who has visited my sites in the past. If it wasn't for the incredible support and feedback from you guys, I wouldn't have had the inspiration to dedicate a huge part of my life to running fansites about some of the greatest games ever created. I've always aimed to be the best at what I do (just like Rockstar Games themselves) and I'd like to think the majorty of my websites have been up there with the best of the rest. I hope they can continue to stay there in the future under the 'new' management and I have faith that they won't let us down.

If you've been a frequent visitor to my websites over the years and you'd like to send me some personal feedback, I set up an account for your messages. Fire off an email to igtapsy[at] and I'll try to read and reply to every email I can. You can also contact me through my portfolio website and on Twitter @Psyware.

If you need to contact any of the staff for any of these websites in the future, please email submit[at]

Thanks again for all of the support. It's been fun.

- Simon 'Psy' Elliott.

Comments (35)

  • M.I.A. (Guest) March 11, 2013
    I remember back then <|3 good luck Psy!
  • ReZisty (Guest) January 16, 2013
    bye bye
  • punxtr21 (Guest) October 24, 2012
    Dude, your forums were awesome back then. So many silly things happened back then. So many silly people. Good luck in life, Simon.
  • Nico Bellic (Guest) August 25, 2012
    What ?! Nooo man this is bad :'( visit us some times
  • Synch (Guest) July 30, 2012
    Hey Psy, long time coming......I totally enjoyed being a part of your sites and forums for years now, and learned a lot about GTA as well. You are the best at what you do and I wish you much success in your career. With your skills and talent, you can and will go far. Best of luck mate.
  • francisjairam146 (Guest) July 28, 2012
    Good luck man!
  • Psy (Guest) July 28, 2012
    Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. I'll be sure to keep you updated with how things are going in the future. And of course I'll be back here to check up on how things are going when I get a chance :)
  • Chicago Enigma (Guest) July 27, 2012
    You'll be missed. I'm sorry we did not get to meet up in NY this year for the Max Panye 3 preview. :(
  • Ex-PS Fanboy (Guest) July 24, 2012
    Take care Psy, the years have been fun
  • Biker Korben (Guest) July 24, 2012
    Been around since GTA-SanAndreas in 2004 although never been the biggest contributor... Seems like an age ago now and your websites have always impressed me. I'm shocked at the timing with GTA5 being announced, but I guess your career and life must come first. You've done the GTA community proud with your work!! I don't think I could ever have 100% completed any of the GTA games without your sites!! Good luck with your career mate!!
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