Races: Offroad

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After completing the mission Mr. Philips off-road races become available to all protagonists. The first is located in Raton Canyon near the ocean. Complete each race to unlock the next. All count towards 100% completion with a bronze medal or better.

The following races are available. First place wins $500 with other positions getting nothing aside from medals for 2nd and 3rd place. Appropriate vehicles are given if needed. All are single point-to-point races.

Canyon Cliffs

This race runs high along the south side of Raton Canyon from the ocean to the Alamo Sea.

Vehicles: Motorcycle or ATV

Ridge Run

A quick but winding trip down the hills of Great Chaparral.

Vehicles: Trucks

Mineward Spiral

Take a spin around and around Davis Quartz.

Vehicles: Motorcycle or ATV

Valley Trail

Similar to the first race but now low along the river and heading towards the ocean.

Vehicles: Motorcycle or ATV

Lakeside Splash

Tour around the Alamo Sea's coast from Sandy Shores over to Grapeseed.

Vehicles: Motorcycle or ATV

Eco Friendly

Tear up the roads at the wind farm - and leave them altogether when needed.

Vehicles: Trucks


  • Turbo Start: Don't hold the accelerator until the "Go!" text appears.
  • Slow down for turns especially during the truck races. Take advantage of straightaways but check your radar for upcoming turns.
  • You can force some of the other racers to crash into things such as poles or other vehicles by getting next to them and moving to the side. The other racers will try to avoid colliding with you.
  • For the motorcycle/ATV races you can dislodge the other drivers by ramming them but be careful not to dislodge yourself as well.
  • Note you don't need to go through the center of the checkpoint marker. You just need to get very close to the outside edge which means you can cut corners a little for some of them.

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