Races: Sea

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After completing the mission Hood Safari sea races become available to all protagonists. All four races are made available at once. All count towards 100% completion with a bronze medal or better.

The following races are available. There is no reward for winning aside from medals for the top three finishing positions. Seasharks are provided at each race if needed. All are single point-to-point races.

East Coast

Starts southeast of the wind farm and heads north up the coast with a hook back down.

Los Santos

From the mouth of the LS River zip out to the Port of LS and spin around for a bit.

North East Coast

Beginning at the lighthouse, head down the coast and back up again.

Raton Canyon

A tight run down the Zancudo River from the Alamo Sea to Fort Zancudo.


  • Turbo Start: Don't hold the accelerator until the "Go!" text appears.
  • Check your radar for upcoming checkpoints to better position yourself for smoother - and faster - turns.
  • Note you don't need to go through the center of the checkpoint marker. You just need to get very close to the outside edge which means you can cut corners a little for some of them.

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