Rockstar Games Giveaways This Week

Posted by TreeFitty September 28, 2013 : 9 Comments : 11,495 Views

To celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto V (and the upcoming multiplayer side, GTA Online), Rockstar Games is giving away some cool items this coming week on Facebook and Twitter.

GTA 5 Prizes

Right now you can hit up Rockstar's official Facebook page and enter to win through Friday, October 4th. The grand prize is one of fifty deluxe prize packs including such coveted collectibles seen above as the GTAV Body Bag Sleeping Bag, the Black V Hoody Sweatshirt, the Hundred Dollar Bill GTAV Yoga Mat, the Chop Stuffed Animal Stash (yes, it has a hidden stash compartment for your sundry items), the GTAV Bullet Dog Whistle, the Official GTAV Zippo Lighter, the Los Santos Sheriff Trucker Hat, the GTAV Safe Lock Kitchen Timer, the Bugstar Van Keychain, and Grand Theft Auto V Official Logo Tees. 200 runners-up will also each receive a GTAV official t-shirt.

As for Rockstar's Official Twitter, followers should keep a close eye all next week as they'll be doing special RT-to-win giveaways each day from Monday through Friday with your chance to score a stuffed stash Chop, a GTAV Body Bag Sleeping Bag, the Yoga Mat and more.

Rockstar's Official Rules page can be found here. These items will make their way to the Rockstar Warehouse eventually by why wait? Enter the sweepstakes and join the chat in the forums!

Comments (9)

  • FunnyFace (Guest) September 29, 2013
    Thanks R* for thinking of all your loyal customers that don't have a Facebook or Twitter
  • KJR (Guest) September 29, 2013
    For everyone who can't enter official R* FB link, (or being redirected to newsfeed) it's highly likely because link (R*) is blocked in certain countries.
  • Robbieh15 (Guest) September 29, 2013
    i cant get on the compitision thing
  • JACKSON_GAWNE (Guest) September 29, 2013
    Am I the only one that when I click on the link for their official facebook page it just comes up with my newsfeed? Do they even have an official fb page?
  • bOnEs (Guest) September 28, 2013
    @DiO - *enters anyways*
  • xtercomp (Guest) September 28, 2013
    Oh man, I really want that lighter...!!!
  • DiO WiNs (Guest) September 28, 2013
    bones dont have won enough of these
  • Joey (Guest) September 28, 2013
    I hope i win
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