Rockstar North Animator's CV Says Oct. 2012 Release, Removed

Posted by TreeFitty via Marney1 April 08, 2012 : 101 Comments : 50,557 Views

We hope those of you celebrating Easter are enjoying it. If not, here's a small pick-me-up:

Joystiq posted an interesting find from the World Wide Web. Apparently a character animator at Rockstar North named Alex O'Dwyer had his CV (résumé) posted online and it stated that Grand Theft Auto V would release sometime in October 2012 (this year):

Alex O'Dwyer CV GTA V release date

It also shows the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC as platforms.

The CV was posted here but had been removed relatively quickly. His LinkedIn profile is here. Great news for all of us eagerly awaiting an official release date but this is not final at all. October could have been an early guess from a while ago. Assuming he updates his CV regularly that would mean Rockstar is pushing for a fall release this year. Of course things can always change and Rockstar is still trying to shake off delays of their titles.

It is worth noting that Bioshock Infinite will be releasing in October which may not concern Rockstar directly but it definitely could be a concern for parent company Take-Two who would like to space out titles.

So what do you think? Will we get two Rockstar Games titles in a year? Let us know in the comments below and join the discussions in the Grand Theft Auto V forums!

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  • johnny (Guest) August 15, 2012
    Please rockstar realease gta 5 in October please I want this game so bad
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) June 26, 2012
    Hey DD (Guest), I agree with you 110% on your thoughts for this game. I want this game out this year instead of next year. My birthday is actually the 10th of Oct, so if it were to release a few days later, it would be like me getting a nice belated birthday gift. I want this game too. I love playing GTA mainly for free roaming and creating havoc with all the guns.
  • Idk (Guest) June 26, 2012
    i hope it'll release on oct 15
  • DD (Guest) June 03, 2012
    Rockstar please bring out GTA 5 this year(2012) not 2013, 2012. People are dying for this game and I've been waiting for this game for 4 years now and I'm not waiting any longer! People out there are dying for this game and I know it's not that easy bit of you keep delaying it, then people are not going to care for it anymore like they do now. They going to just forget about it, so think about it. And who ever is reading this, please agree!!
  • gtaReady (Guest) May 22, 2012
    Give us a countdown or something
  • gtaReady (Guest) May 16, 2012
    Im ready for some new gta info
  • GTA5 (Guest) May 11, 2012
    I think it comes out in October, Max Payne is to be released well before October.
    Do not you think that RS is not dying to open the game? Like us, they also want to know the result, ie the satisfaction of players and earn good money, especially before Christmas.

    RS must ta itching to produce the game to market.
    I have no doubt that GTA 5 is released before December this year.

    Sorry my English, I used the google translator, I'm from Brazil.


    by Bruno
  • FatalStiq (Guest) May 07, 2012
    Perhaps Rockstar Games is adding or removing certain missions or something important, ONLY Rockstar can answer!
  • moimieoonti (Guest) May 04, 2012
    It's been 6 months and 3 days from the release of the 1st Grand Theft Auto V trailer if im correct. Some other game (like Resident Evil 6) would be close to its release. But... HOLY SH*T ONLY 10 DAYS TO MAX PAYNE 3!!.! shat my pants
  • EvanM2096 (Guest) May 03, 2012
    all i want is for max payne 3 to come out so it will take my mind off gta5
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