Rockstar North Website Redesign

Posted by Psy via Marney1 March 07, 2012 : 35 Comments : 14,906 Views

Rockstar North Website Logo

Rockstar North have updated their website for the first time in what I'm guessing is over seven years. They've added the logo shown above, along with with the words "Coming Soon" etched below.

Previous content on the R* North website includes behind the scenes development images, audio and code from GTA 3 and GTA Vice City, which leads to speculation that the new website may, at some point in the future, feature some GTA 5 development information.

The actual website hasn't been launched yet, so there's not much there besides the logo and a link to jobs at Rockstar North, however given that the studio are actively developing GTA 5, we can probably expect some details to appear there about the new Grand Theft Auto game in due course.

Check out the 'new' website at, and we'll keep you updated when it actually launches.

If, like me, you were playing GTA trivia with the 49 icons on the Rockstar North banner, here are the answers:

Rockstar North Characters By Psy

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