Second Trailer Coming Next Wednesday

Posted by OptimumPx November 05, 2012 : 37 Comments : 10,648 Views

Well, that was quick!

Earlier today when Rockstar announced that GTA V was open for pre-orders they also said to keep watching for an update on the release of the second official trailer. And just a mere few hours later they've followed through!
Second Trailer, November 14th'
That's right folks! The second trailer is coming next Wednesday, November 14th!

We will, of course, have the trailer here and will keep you posted on any further developments!

Comments (37)

  • zule (Guest) November 13, 2012
    Fuck yea.
  • francisjairam146 (Guest) November 12, 2012
  • BIG-D (Guest) November 07, 2012
    been blowing up youtube for the past 8 months trying to find out everything i can about the latest info and finally a second trailer. ive been playing gta since vice city came out on ps2. i now play gta 4 tbogt online all the time and its alot of fun but could be better cant wait to see wat gt5 multiplayer has instore
  • mat (Guest) November 07, 2012
    YESSSSSSSSSS been waiting for a year now!!!!!!!!! GTA5 is gunna be best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cody4041 (Guest) November 07, 2012
    NICE :D
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) November 07, 2012
    Glad to know they're releasing the 2nd trailer next week, but I just wanna know what time we can expect it to debut next Wed. Will it be at 12 noon like the 1st one? One more thing, unlike the 1st trailer, which has no title, will the 2nd one be given a title?
  • Desert_Eagle (Guest) November 07, 2012
    Hope this trailer shows more about the STORYLINE!! ... and about map..god knows will it have las venturas
  • JustMe (Guest) November 07, 2012
    Can't wait.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 07, 2012
    They are all temporary covers. They are not the final box art. PS3 does the same.
  • jenny<3 (Guest) November 07, 2012
    please can someone reply to this :) why does xbox 360 gtav have so many different art covers are there more then just one gtav or is it just the one but with different picture on it? a bit confused on that one please can someone help me? x
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