Social Club Crew Updates, 2014 Crew Battles

Posted by TreeFitty February 04, 2014 : 0 Comments : 7,105 Views

Rockstar Games has increased the number of Crew members you can have and will be hosting more live-streamed Crew battles this year. More details below...

1000 Strong
If you lead or are a member of a Crew maxed out with 300 members, Rockstar has more than tripled the limit to 1000 members! Now there's plenty of room for your friends and their friends too.

Crew Battles
Rockstar Games will kick off the first Grand Theft Auto Online Crew vs Crew battle live stream this Friday, February 7th, at 2pm Eastern Time broadcasting from their official Twitch and YouTube channels. Tune in then to see them pit two Crews against each other over the course of a curated Playlist of Rockstar Verified and Rockstar Created Jobs. Note that one Rockstar dev player will join each side to play in order to facilitate streaming and to keep things fair. Rockstar has already reached out to a few of the toughest Crews around (the first matchup will be confirmed sometime this week) and they will be contacting others soon.

If you would like to be considered for the live stream battles, get in touch with Rockstar at [email protected] and tell them your Crew name, a link to your Crew profile page, the specific platform you would like to stream on, and a reason why you should feature on the stream.

Have fun and join us in the forums!

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