Social Club Updated: New Look, More Crew Options, Crew Ranks

Posted by TreeFitty August 28, 2013 : 11 Comments : 28,371 Views

Rockstar Games has updated the Social Club quite a bit. First you'll notice some changes to the appearance but the real update is in preparation for GTA V...


Promote deserving members of your Crew - or keep them at the bottom where they belong.

Muscle: Entry-level members with no administrative power.
  • Write on wall
Representatives: Committed Crewmates with basic permissions to aid recruitment efforts.
  • Invite new members
  • Publish multiple emblems
  • Write on wall
Lieutenants: Made members with specific privileges to keep the Crew in check.
  • Invite new members
  • Demote members
  • Publish multiple emblems
  • Write on wall
  • Delete emblems and wall posts
  • View settings page
Commissioners: The Crew's most-trusted members. They may manage all aspects of the Crew on behalf of the Leader.
  • Kick members
  • Invite new members
  • Promote members
  • Demote members
  • Publish multiple emblems
  • Write on wall
  • Delete emblems and wall posts
  • Edit settings
  • View settings page
  • Update status
Each rank shows as little bars at the bottom of the Crew tag for each person. Muscle members have 1 bar and the leader has 5 bars. The color of these bars can also be changed for the Crew. Rockstar says this will have some importance later.


Crew and Crew member stats as far as feuds and more have been reorganised a little and made more user-friendly. See how good your Crew is and find the slackers keeping your stats down.

Share Options

Most Social Club members are aware of "liking" a post someone makes - "wHoEvEr123 thinks this post rocks!" You can now share posts with Facebook, Twitter, or get direct links to the posts.

Comments on the design or Social Club features can be sent to Rockstar Games via MouthOff. Expect a few more updates in the coming weeks and join us in the forums!

Comments (11)

  • Come Join Str8 Up Ridaz!!!! (Guest) September 21, 2013

    Go To And Join Today!!!

    In Need Of More Muscle And Rep's And Lieutenants Were Yall At But Be Real With It And No BS If U Join Then Join To Represent To Tha Fullest And Come Join A Gang With Loyalty And Commitment And That Treat Each Other Like Fam Were A Structured Gang And We Don't Wont Anyone Who Jus Gonna Be Arcade Were Trying To Take Over!!! So If U Down Come Join Str8 Up Ridaz!!! Tha Owee Gang!!!!!!!
    -Businessmen/StockBrokers -pilots
    -heist planners and
    -skilled all around players
    Things you need to do or have
    -wear the crew colors(Burgandy Or Dark Blue Or Black & Grey) Jus Pic One And Ride at all timez!!
    -must be loyal
    -must use team work and
    - must listen to people that's a higher rank then you(Its Not About Trying To B Bossy Its Just Keep Shit Structured And Inorder)
    -must think as a Hood Family not a crew and
    -must corporate
    -must come by and be in tha Hood (which ever territory GTA 5 let us take over!!!! )
    -prmotion will happen but YOU must put in work for tha Hood
    - PSN AND 360 Welcome!!!
    - Do You Have A Email??? (ITs Only To Keep In Touch For Our Organization (Gang ) No Spam Or BS !!! )

    Go To And Join Today!!!
  • Yebittendog (Guest) September 16, 2013
    Join up with the Lost Breed MC!
  • Also (Guest) September 02, 2013
  • JOMARI_35 (Guest) August 30, 2013
    @Treefifty can i join your crew im XxJOMARIxX
    R* social club account
  • Bubblegoose16 (Guest) August 29, 2013
    maybe even longer than halo 2
  • wellingooner (Guest) August 29, 2013
    brandonLee319 - Why are you moaning? You're not being forced to do this...
  • Bubblegoose16 (Guest) August 29, 2013
    i mean lol your still completing the goal and "shooting a bastard". you just have ranks and crews are no different than clans which have been around since halo 2, guy.
  • Bubblegoose16 (Guest) August 29, 2013
    ya shooting the bastard was fun, but then we grew up. ;)
  • sinceGTAIII (Guest) August 29, 2013
    no not at all brandonLee319, i think it is a great idea. you can do what you used to do but do it as a crew if you want. you don't HAVE to always be working with your crew.
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