Still More GTA V Gear at Rockstar Warehouse

Posted by TreeFitty March 26, 2014 : 2 Comments : 14,824 Views

Adding to the long list of items in the GTA V collection at Rockstar Warehouse, you can now purchase a limited edition golf club, USB gold bar flash drive, and a T.P.I. t-shirt. More details below...

GTA V Iron: Limited Edition Golf Club
With less than 1,000 units produced this limited edition Grand Theft Auto V Iron makes a nice conversation piece and is also a sturdy 5-iron that can handle those tough, mid-range approach shots. It features the familiar "V" branding on its head and a Rockstar Logo on its grip.

GTAV Gold Bar USB Drive
Snag some encrypted info on the go with this golden hued 2GB USB flash drive featuring a retractable USB that is extended via a slider on the bottom. The bar is cast in a weighty zinc alloy and features molded Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Logos on its front.

GTAV Trevor Philips Industries Tee
Nervous Ron and Trevor are working hard to grow Trevor Phillips Industries. To look the part of a diligent employee consider rocking this soft grey 100% cotton tee featuring a small T.P.I logo on the front and the full "Trevor Philips Industries" logo just below the neck line on the back.

Enjoy and join us in the forums!

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