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Cletus is pretty much your stereotypical hillbilly. He loves guns and hunting so he's always looking for friends to join him. Previous military experience is possible but never made known.

Protagonists: Trevor
Rewards: None

Target Practice

Trevor finds a friend named Cletus playing with a sniper rifle outside his home in Sandy Shores. Trevor asks what he's up to and Cletus says he's hunting - not so much animals but windows, antennas, and other things people probably need in the neighborhood. Cletus asks if Trevor wants to join him and Trevor happily agrees. Cletus gives him the rifle.

Follow Cletus up some steps and around the balcony. He introduces Trevor to his favorite pastime. He points out three big satellite dishes in the distance and tells Trevor to shoot them. Aim the rifle and snipe the satellite dishes marked on your radar. The first one to the left is low and to the right of the liquor store sign. The middle one is up high on a building across the street a distance away (may be hidden by the waving flag depending on your location). The third is to the right directly across the street on top of a second roof over a trailer. Shoot all three. Cletus had some fun but wants a ride to the abandoned motel for more fun.

Grab a vehicle and drive Cletus to the motel a few blocks away. Cletus tells Trevor they are going to try targets that are moving. Trevor says he has too much time on his hands but Cletus admits this is just fooling around and he's actually been very busy hunting animals. Hipsters spend almost all of their parents' money on wild meat or local food production. Cletus says he could use another pair of hands if Trevor can use the rifle better. Trevor doesn't quite like the criticism. When you reach the motel follow Cletus up some stairs to the balcony. He wants to see if Trevor can shoot out the tires on a moving vehicle.

Aim at the roadway to the south and shoot a tire out on three different vehicles. You need to hit the tires and not the vehicle itself. After three successful tire hits Cletus wants to change it up. Follow him down the stairs and to the other end of the building. Cletus says they are going to shoot some coyotes in the face. Continue to follow him up more stairs and to the roof via a collapsed portion. When you reach the southeast corner of the roof Cletus spots two packs in the distance. Snipe three coyotes. They'll scatter at the bullets but won't go very far.

After killing three coyotes Cletus says Trevor is good enough to go hunting for elk up in Paleto Bay. He'll text Trevor when he goes out there again.


  • The satellite dishes shouldn't be an issue. Just shoot the dish or the support.
  • When shooting at the cars wait for a vehicle with large tires to drive along the road. They will be easier to hit the rubber instead of the vehicle body or wheel hubs. You can't shoot out multiple tires on one vehicle.
  • To double kill coyotes look for the two in each pack walking next to each other. Wait for them to end up with one in front of the other in your view and pull the trigger. The bullet should go through the first and into the other without issue. Unlike larger targets you don't need to make it a headshot.


  • 2 for 1 - Kill 2 coyotes with one shot.
  • Pop! Pop! - Shoot all 3 tires with an accuracy of at least 75%.
  • Bad Signal - Shoot all three satellite dishes without missing.

Fair Game

Over a week later Trevor gets a text message from Cletus saying to meet him at the lodge to go hunting. Drive out to the Paleto Forest west of Paleto Bay and find Cletus out in front of the lodge. Cletus asks if Trevor is ready to go elk hunting and Trevor thinks it's better than satellite dishes. He hands Trevor a suppressed sniper and tells him to put a little white thing in his mouth. They head off into the woods.

Follow Cletus. Trevor wonders what the thing in his mouth is but Cletus says he'll explain later. Elk have very good senses so they need to be quiet and out of sight. Most importantly they need to watch the wind direction so the elk doesn't smell them. An arrow showing the wind direction and the speed will now appear on the bottom right of your screen. Cletus stops at a good area saying he saw a male around here ten minutes ago. He tells Trevor to be quiet and keep following. Enter stealth to avoid making too much noise. An elk will be heard in the distance and a red search area appears on your map to the southeast. Aim your sniper towards that area and look for the elk feeding among some purple flowers. You may need to reposition to see it better. Either shoot its body or wait for the head to pop up for second. If you miss the elk will run and you'll fail the mission.

Follow Cletus farther into the woods. He doesn't see anymore and tells you to use the elk whistle Trevor has been chewing on. Use the elk call as instructed. An elk will be heard in the distance and a red search area appears on your map to the northeast. The elk will actually move towards you before stopping to feed. The search area will disappear after a few seconds but you can use the elk call to make it reappear. The closer you are, the smaller the search area. Cletus says you're downwind and good to go. Locate the elk and shoot it.

Follow Cletus even farther into the woods. He thinks there is a mating pair ahead and explains that they are only shooting males which have antlers. No females. Cletus tells you to blow the elk whistle again to locate them. Do it. An elk will be heard in the distance and a red search area appears on your map to the south. Start moving towards it. The elk will actually move towards you and end up on the other side of some large rocks. Locate the male elk and shoot it.

Cletus says you are doing good and on your own for the next one. He wants you to text him a picture of the next kill and then he'll talk business. He needs to leave and wishes you luck. You are told to use the elk whistle again to find more. Do so and move to the search area which is pretty much where the mating pair had been heard. Keep an eye on the wind direction which can change over time. If the wind arrow turns red you are in a bad spot. You'll need to move down the hill and over towards the elk. Find and shoot it. Now get to the corpse and use your phone's camera to send a picture of it to Cletus. After a few seconds he'll reply that it's a beauty. He got the GPS location with the picture and is calling you now. A few seconds later your phone rings. Cletus sets up a deal with Trevor. Since the city folks want so much wild meat he could use help in gathering it. If Trevor goes hunting just send Cletus a picture of the kill. He'll reply with how much it's worth and pick up the corpse later. Trevor says he'll think about it since he has other things happening. Cletus will keep the offer open and tells Trevor he can keep the elk caller which belonged to his grandmother.

Trevor can now go hunting at designated locations marked on the map. The hunting outfit will also become available in his wardrobe.


  • This mission is pretty straight forward. Follow the directions, don't miss, and watch the wind direction.
  • The heart is in the center of the front half of the torso. From the front wait for their head to move up and aim for the center of the chest. From the side aim through their front legs/shoulders.
  • Unrelated trick/cheat: If you ever wanted to explore the military base or prison, you can do so easily during the last part. When Cletus leaves run down to the lodge and grab a vehicle. Then drive over to the area you want to explore and drive right in. You won't get a wanted level even if you steal vehicles from law enforcement (they won't be happy, though). The only thing you can't do is fire a weapon including tanks or the jet fighter which will fail the mission since you "scare the elk".


  • Downwind - Don't get detected by any elk.
  • Heart Hunter - Kill 3 elk with a heart shot.

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