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Maude is a skiptracer/bounty hunter living out in Blaine County. Her current job is locating bail jumpers and then enlisting others to do the retrieval work.

Protagonists: Trevor
Rewards: Up to $40,000

Special Bonds

Trevor arrives at a trailer in the northeast corner of the desert. A woman - named Maude - greets her handsome friend and they briefly catch up with each other. Life may not be the best of times and Maude uses her laptop to show Trevor a man on the run. He jumped bail for a few thousand dollars and Maude asks Trevor if he can find him for her. Trevor agrees and Maude says she'll send him the file.

Back in control of Trevor, leave the area. When you get far enough away the initial mission cutscene is over and the game informs you that bail bond missions are now available. Maude will email you information. Not too long after meeting with Maude the first email will come through. The emails contain brief information about the suspect, a photo, and a satellite image of their last known location. You can either kill the bail jumpers for $5000 or capture them alive for a bigger reward of $10,000. To take them alive you need to thwart their escape plan and beat them up a little until they surrender. They will then follow you and get in your vehicle to be dropped off at Maude's place. When you arrive Maude will thank Trevor and tell him she'll send another file soon. The next email arrives half a day later.

  • 1. Ralph Ostrowski - Ralph committed worker's compensation fraud. He can be found at the bottom of a quarry pit in Davis Quartz. He's standing next to an SUV and will escape in that upon your arrival.
  • 2. Larry Tupper - Larry committed meth-related crimes (he knows Trevor well). He can be found southwest of Harmony at an old barn. He and his four friends are armed and ready to fight to the death.
  • 3. Glenn Scoville - Glenn committed financial fraud. He can be found on top of Mount Chiliad at a cliff edge southeast of the cable car station. You can bet he dives off and parachutes down to the lake.
  • 4. Curtis Weaver - Curtis committed assault against a police officer. He can be found in the commune camp east of Paleto Bay near the truck stop. Go to the right in the commune. Curtis will shoot and run.

Once all four are located and taken care of, Maude tells Trevor she is retiring. Bail work is a bad atmosphere and she wants a husband and a house with a picket fence.


  • Obviously it is advised to take all bounties alive for the bigger rewards.
  • For Ralph, ram him or his SUV. If you go for him take it easy so you don't kill him. You can also put a bullet in his leg before he gets in the SUV. If that happens shoot out the tires to stop him quickly or ram it until it becomes too damaged. If Ralph continues to run put a bullet in his leg to make him surrender.
  • For Larry, sneak up by the car and take out his friends. Three of them are sitting in the truck so an explosive like a sticky bomb works wonders. The fourth is speaking with Larry so take him out. Larry runs so put a bullet in his leg to make him surrender.
  • For Glenn, you can either grab the parachute and go after him that way or use a helicopter to chase him down the mountain. If you go with the helicopter try not to get too close or you'll cut him or his lines. After he lands put a bullet in his leg to make him surrender.
  • For Curtis, put a bullet in his leg to make him surrender. The other commune members will initially try to beat you up but simply holding a gun will scare them away.


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    I believe if you wait too long to take a bounty, Maude will retire before you complete all 4. At least in my game, I captured Ralph, but never took Larry. Now that I'm cleaning up and finishing all the things I didn't do, I am unable to finish the other three bail targets. Fortunately, they aren't necessary for 100% completion.
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