Submarine Parts

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There are a total of 30 Submarine Parts to collect in GTA V.

It doesn't matter which character you use to collect them. You can purchase the Sonar Collections Dock with either character, but only Micheal can initiate the quest. It will be available to purchase once you unlock Trevor in the main story. The property is in the Northwest part of the map and costs $250,000. A Dinghy and the Yellow Submarine will spawn there once the property is owned.

After purchasing the Docks, a new mission appears for Micheal called, "Death at Sea". You will meet a lady that goes by the name of Abigail, who wants to solve the mystery of her husbands death for an insurance company.

Beware of SHARKS! Stay alert underwater as you will run into lots of them. Always keep your dinghy nearby in case you have to quickly get back to it.

CLICK on the IMAGE to the right to see the entire map of collectibles. This guide follows that map.

Submarine Part 1

On the sea bed in the middle of two parts of the sunken plane body.

Submarine Part 2

Inside another plane piece nearby, swim down into the lower section.

Submarine Part 3

Tucked on the edge of a plane engine

Submarine Part 4

On the sea floor next to another chunk of plane wreck with two engines.

Submarine Part 5

Swim out to a huge cargo plane wreck, you have to swim inside the tail end to find it. You can find some armor and a briefcase nearby.

Submarine Part 6

Go directly below the cargo plane down to the sea floor to find this one, it's near another chunk of wing.

Submarine Part 7

Next to the landing gear wheel.

Submarine Part 8

Swim into the body of the plane right next to the landing gear above, it's toward the back past a ladder

Submarine Part 9

Underneath the stairs on a sunken ship. There's a briefcase on the upper deck and a sniper rifle nearby.

Submarine Part 10

Underneath the stairs on a sunken metal chunk. There's armor, sticky bombs and an assault rifle lying around.

Submarine Part 11

Next to a big rusted I-beam framed structure.

Submarine Part 12

In among the beams that support the dock you'll find there, near the ladder at the end.

Submarine Part 13

You'll see a long broken crane arm on the shallow floor bed, the sub part is near the big pulley wheel.

Submarine Part 14

In among the rusty beams of a jagged skeletal metal structure.

Submarine Part 15

Near a row of underwater poles, at the base.

Submarine Part 16

Follow along the gaint ship, you'll see the next one among another wreckage of rusty metal beams.

Submarine Part 17

Continue past the ship and swim through the seaweed until you see more low poles jutting out. The part is over by a large rock.

Submarine Part 18

Resting on some crossed planks down on the sea bed.

Submarine Part 19

Sticking out of the mouth of a huge pipe.

Submarine Part 20

On the sea floor, under a rocky archway.

Submarine Part 21

Resting at the end of a large plank from an old sunken sideways pier.

Submarine Part 22

By the wreck of a plane broken into big pieces, by the side of the tail and close to it's body.

Submarine Part 23

By the wreck of a plane broken into big pieces, by the left-hand tail end of the plane, hidden in some seaweed. You'll find a briefcase and armor here too.

Submarine Part 24

By the wreck of a plane broken into big pieces. Swim all the way to the nose of the plane and then enter the chamber to find it, it's right next to a gun.

Submarine Part 25

On the deck at the front of a huge sunken ship, right next to a hole in the hull.

Submarine Part 26

It's confusing in the area and easy to get lost, but you're going for the middle section of the ship. Look for shipping containers and you'll find it.

Submarine Part 27

Swim all the way inside a huge ship cargo hold. There's an assault rifle and a briefcase in there as well.

Submarine Part 28

Swim over to another sideways shipwreck and follow the tracker down to the sea floor to find it.

Submarine Part 29

Down among the wreckage of a downed plane.

Submarine Part 30

On the sea floor, use the tracker to find it among some huge boulders.

Upon collecting all of the parts, a new mission called, "What Lies Beneath" is launched at the docks you purchased. Abigail will thank you for your troubles, and after the cutscene, pays you a whopping $10 for your efforts. You are then given the option to kill her or let her go.

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