The 3 New Protagonists Trailers Out Now!

Posted by OptimumPx April 30, 2013 : 58 Comments : 20,405 Views

Well, they're here! And that means it's time to really get to know our three protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

The Songs are:
Michael: Queen - Radio Ga Ga
Franklin: Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It
Trevor: Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

Quick Breakdown:


Therapist's face
More shots of the family including Tracy's face
Possibly Tracy's boyfriend peeping on Amanda, or Amanda wants a younger man to please her
Securicar heist
Other missions (extraction, assassination)
Herler 747 airplane
Police car paint scheme updated again, more realistic emergency lighting too


Better shots of the Buffalo - rear appaears based on Dodge Challenger
Blimp near Downtown Los Santos is finally moving, now sports an Atomic Tire advertisement
Plenty of streetgang action
Green is prevalent with Franklin's gang friends
Various police chases, cinematic camera from IV returning
Street racing
Strip clubs
Chop attacking someone - appears to be the same guy sliding across a car hood in Trailer 2


Trevor gives a Lost MC member a bat to the face
Dodge-type truck - likely the one seen in Trailer 2 with an F-150 bed
Newer Sandy Shores sign based on real life Salton Sea ones
Pickup trucks towing small trailers - first an open one and then a generator trailer is shown
Tractor seen only in viewfinder images
One of the two men shown (one with Michael, the other wearing a safety vest) is likely Ron
Video of the Biplane in action
Trevor loves to fight and torture people - note guy with a phone recording the action in fron of an old Up-n-Atom
The Lost MC logo shown in a desert area (0:42)
One of the onlookers from Trailer 2 with dreadlocks is shown with a painted face
"Do you want me to get my dick out again?"

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Comments (58)

  • KAMI (Guest) July 01, 2013
    Dude really if i die before this game is released i will need to be revived on the zombie apocalypse and then i will chase gta5 disks insted of brains xD my fav. main character is Franklin but Trevors looks fun to use him and kill everyone like a psyco xD
  • cel (Guest) May 27, 2013
    would these songs be one the radio station
  • swagger (Guest) May 26, 2013
    how do u swap characters?
  • DARDYClanHD (Guest) May 09, 2013
  • Faraz (Guest) May 07, 2013
    Hard decision to choose one protagonist.Better to play with all of them.

    Each have their own lifestyle which makes it interesting.
  • Pillowz (Guest) May 06, 2013
    Hard Decision on who I'm gonna play the most. Michael, Franklin, or Trevor?
  • Holyyy sheet (Guest) May 05, 2013
    If I die before this game comes out I'm gonna be soo pissed off.
  • Trevor (Guest) May 05, 2013
    Shit I said it wrong
  • Trevor (Guest) May 05, 2013
    "You want me pull my dick out again"
  • datkid091 (Guest) May 05, 2013
    I like how in the past some people commented about grove street returning and everyone disliked. What you people got to say about it now? Theres a big chance of grove street returning, but of course not with Cj or any of the old characters.
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