Three More Official GTA 5 Screenshots

Posted by DuffMan August 20, 2012 : 58 Comments : 37,260 Views

Rockstar Games has just released three new GTA V screenshots on the Newswire, under the title "Transport".

The post also promises more to come this week. While we're waiting, come and discuss these screenshots in our forums!

Official GTA V Screenshot 3
Military jet - updated from trailer - flying over Vinewood. Is that Ned Luke's character flying???

Official GTA V Screenshot 4
Cheetah tearing up the streets.

Official GTA V Screenshot 5
Riding a bicycle along the beach past Pleasure Pier.

GTA V is looking good, folks!

Comments (58)

  • Kenny123 (Guest) September 16, 2012
    ALBERT DE SILVA (or the guy in the trailer) is in the jet! I mean it really looks like him if you look closely!
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 28, 2012
    I'm not sure what you're talking about unless you are completely confused about what end we are seeing. The left side of the screenshot is the ocean end. Even at that, not everything is exact. Many of the buildings and landmarks (see info page) are altered.
  • iheartgta (Guest) August 21, 2012
    dont expect any news next week only mp3 screens . Perhaps some trailer #2 announcement the first week of september ? These new screens are amazing though.
  • francisjairam146 (Guest) August 21, 2012
    Good news is that there is more screenshots to come later this week.
  • SKRIMIX (Guest) August 21, 2012
    that cheetah looks almost exactly the same to the real hennessy venom GT. check it out. even the back bumper. AMAZING!! i hope we can see the rino tank again as an M1 abrams tank.
  • motoman (Guest) August 21, 2012
    very good screenshots but the old guy in the plane I wish that he is not the main character
  • dexter (Guest) August 21, 2012
    this is looking pretty much cool. i can't wait for it . just wanna play early in upcoming days.......damn graphics,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!
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