Two New Official Screenshots

Posted by Jamie Milne January 04, 2013 : 41 Comments : 33,951 Views

Along with announcing that the cover art will be revealed shortly, and releasing four artworks for download, Rockstar quietly added full versions of all the preview screenshots including two new screenshots to the official Grand Theft Auto V gallery. See them below and check out all the others in the GTA 5 Screenshot Gallery here.



As always join us in our GTA V Forums to discuss these new screenshots.

Comments (41)

  • randy_backstroke (Guest) January 31, 2013
    I hope that sprunk machine don't get messed up when the truck exploses, can't beat a good sprunk.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) January 16, 2013
    They gave GTA IV a perfect score so I think it's safe to say GTA V will get the same.
  • Bulletgt (Guest) January 16, 2013
    Game Informer had better give this game a 10
  • gta 5 rocks (Guest) January 16, 2013
    Gta 5 is going to be the best game of áll time i mean rockstar make the best games ever they should make a gta game were we can go to any gta city that would be awesome.
  • franciscofg (Guest) January 15, 2013
    this gta5 will be better then saints row3 i think saints row3 wuz shity and it will always be shity and gta5 will put saints row 3 in it place 10 stars for gta5 that the best so far out all gtas
  • Pillowz (Guest) January 15, 2013
    it clearly says sheriff on both doors....
  • PedestrianRiotz (Guest) January 14, 2013
    @MISTASTEALYAGURL Yeah I know my police cars, that's sheriff.
  • Jake (Guest) January 13, 2013
    This game is going to be sick!
  • MISTASTEALYAGURL (Guest) January 13, 2013
    Must be different police forces because the car in front says pretty sure
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