V-Day Is Upon Us

Posted by Psy November 02, 2011 : 17 Comments : 8,965 Views

While we count down the last few hours until the GTA V trailer launches, we thought it would be a good idea to bring you up to date with our website and the latest goings on.

Firstly, we're on Twitter and Facebook. You can "Like" or share almost any page on the website and you'll find us on Twitter @iGTA5 and on Facebook as iGTA5.com. Make sure you follow or subscribe to us to learn the latest news the minute it happens. We're pretty active on twitter and retweet a lot of your comments, so don't be afraid to get involved!

We're running a competition on the website where you could win a copy of GTA 5 if you can guess the correct release date for the game before it's announced. The release date may be announced in the trailer, so you need to make sure you enter before then just in case! You can see more details at the Release Date Competition Page. You'll need to register an account on the website and log into it before you can enter, but registering an account will also give you access to our GTA 5 Forums and allow you to quickly and easily make comments on the website articles. As well as the competition we're currently running, there will be a lot more cool features which are only available to registered members coming in the next few months.

Finally, we'll be adding a lot of new content, imagery and quite probably a new website design to iGTA5.com later today once the trailer has launched. Make sure you check back regularly for all of the new details!

Until then... Happy V-Day!

Comments (17)

  • john (Guest) January 01, 2012
    i cant wait for it to come out
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 30, 2011
    @uptown: We don't know. And use periods.
  • uptown (Guest) December 30, 2011
    can we customize the cars and can we put rims on them and if so the rims i wish to see the rims call swangas are blades and customizes the colors on the cars and are they going to have bloods and crips in the game and what about the real stores like shop rite are bk are nice shit ion gta5
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 19, 2011
    Sometime next year, likely. See the release date info page.
  • heidelovegta5 (Guest) November 19, 2011
    when does this realy good game come out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:::)
  • DAVE (Guest) November 09, 2011
    Thats gay man I dont want to play as an haspanic guy. Why does it have to be a Latino. I want to play as a mobster , Tommy Vercetti. Come on agree with me. Look im not racist or anything. I just think it would be cool to be in the mafia. And La, Flordia, thats dumb. I like New York, but why cant there be a GTA take place in my home town CHICAGO. Doesnt anyone feel the same way. Plus it would be cool though if you run into old characters like carl johnson,or big smoke, or anyone. Thats what GTA4 did. With its differant add on storys. Hopeflly GTA5 will have add on storys too.
  • carl johnson (Guest) November 02, 2011
    it CARL JOHNSON HOOD ///////////
  • showa (Guest) November 02, 2011
    when is this game coming out???
  • Paul gamer (Guest) November 02, 2011
    That was unreal. Cant wait to find out when its out
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