Wildlife Photography Challenge (New-Gen Returning Players)

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Shortly after completing the first paparazzi mission for Beverly, he'll send a text saying that he entered Franklin into an amateur photography competition. A minute or two later an email from the Southern San Andreas State Tourism Board will arrive with an explanation and rules of the competition. As part of their tourism efforts in the Los Santos/Blaine County area, they are looking for pictures of 20 local animals.

The following restrictions are in place:
  • Animals must be alive
  • Animals must be centered in the picture
  • No filters or borders
  • No selfies

To take a photograph for the competition, simply get the shot with your phone's camera and if successful you will be prompted to email the photo to the tourist board. Do that and submit the photo by selecting the tourist board in your contacts under "LS Tourist Board". After sending the picture the game will confirm how many you have out of the 20. The tourism board will send a new email with the animals you completed checked off. Keep going until all 20 are submitted. These pictures will not be saved into your gallery.

Animals to photograph

The following list of animals is given by the tourism board. Next to each are common locations to find them:
Boar - This can be diffcult to get but the most consistent place is at the sonar collections dock access southwest of Paleto. You can also try east of Grapeseed near the railroad trestle access/grain storage. You may need to walk around the area to make it spawn.
Border Collie - Can be found in residential areas or Sandy Shores. Also try the southeast side of the LS golf course.
Cat - Look in alleyways especially in southern LS. Also around Mirror Park neighborhoods and the far south of Grapeseed near Maude's house.
Chicken Hawk - Flying around Blaine County. Also like to sit on top of the old bus at the Sandy Shores Airfield.
Cormorant - Flying around Blaine County. Can be found sitting in Lago Zancudo as well.
Cow - Most cows are in Grapeseed but are also at a farm north of Madrazo's place.
Coyote - All over the Grand Senora Desert and other isolated areas of Blaine County.
Crow - Flying around Blaine County. A few like to gather near the hanger at the Sandy Shores Airfield.
Deer - Like to hang out on hills or wooded areas all over the map.
Hen - A few small properties in the desert and Sandy Shores have chickens. They can be found around some Paleto Bay homes as well.
Husky - Can be found in good residential areas including Paleto or being walked around Vinewood/Rockford Hills or beaches.
Mountain Lion - These can be found on mountains (who knew?) around Los Santos or Blaine County.
Pig - Madrazo's place has plenty of pigs plus a few in Grapeseed at the O'Neil's farm.
Poodle - Can be found in good residential areas or being walked around Rockford Hills shopping areas.
Pug - Can be found in good residential areas or being walked around Rockford Hills shopping areas.
Rabbit - Look for rabbits in grassy areas including the park east of the Vinewood Hills lake.
Retriever - Can be found easily along beaches. Also very common in Paleto Bay. The dog leading to Dom counts.
Rottweiler - Chop counts. Also look in gang-related neighborhoods or Sandy Shores.
Seagull - Coastlines or out over the water.
West Highland Terrier - Can be found in good residential areas such as Mirror Park or being walked around Rockford Hills shopping areas.


Upon completing the challenge, a final email from the tourism board will arrive and congratulate you on winning the competition. For your effort you receive access to the Kraken submersible which becomes available at a dock on the east coast between the Cape Catfish lighthouse and Humane Labs. The sub is available to all protagonists.


  • Most of the animals - especially dogs - can be found much easier during the day.
  • Dogs are quite interchangeable. Check the same areas at different times or days and you'll find different breeds. There's a park straight north of Michael's house at the edge of the residential area where dogs can be found.
  • For the cormorants, crows, and hawks you should be able to get all three flying over the Grand Senora Desert/Great Chaparral or hills between those and the Vinewood Hills.
  • Use the camera's grid to make sure the animal is as centered as possible. It doesn't have to be perfect but most of the way in the middle of the picture.
  • You do not need to be extremely close to the animal for the picture to count. For example you should be able to submit birds flying in the air - just make sure to zoom in all the way for a better chance of it counting.
  • The animal needs to be in view. It cannot be behind bushes.
  • Many of the wild animals shy away from you or vehicles. This can make them more difficult to get. You can use a vehicle to get up to speed chasing them and when you get right behind them quickly activate snapmatic+zoom in to get a shot. If you don't feel like chasing, get somewhat near the animal and enter stealth to slowly step closer to it. For the mountain lion/cougar you may not want to stray too far from a car or truck. Get its attention and then get on top of the vehicle so you don't get bit.

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