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A train carrying Merryweather goods is going through Blaine County and of course Trevor wants to deprive the private military of anything he can.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Trevor, Michael
Mission Time
Fastest Speed
Better than CJ


Michael is relaxing on the couch when Ron walks in looking for Trevor. Michael hasn't had a chance to learn about Ron but there isn't much to the independent thinker. Ron talks down to Michael a little since he is living off past glories but Michael makes sure Ron knows he can still kick his ass if needed. With a little fear instated, Ron tells Michael to let Trevor know the monthly train is coming through. Michael wonders what kind of train but Trevor walks in with Patricia to let him know exactly what kind of train: a train with gold. The cash will be enough to keep their lives going and pay off Madrazo too. Trevor and Michael head out.

As Trevor, get on the Sanchez as Michael gets in his car. Trevor tells Michael to get a boat and meet under the Raton Canyon Bridge. You are told jump onto the train. Along the way Trevor reveals to Michael that the train is a courier service ran by Merryweather - Trevor's favorite group to rob. They are not always shipping gold. Sometimes they ship artwork or priceless antiquities too. You'll end up on a dirt road running up to the train tracks. When the train gets out of your way shift off to the right onto another dirt elevated path that leads up to a small jump. Hit the jump and land on the train. Be careful not to overshoot it or miss. If you do there are more chances along the tracks.

When you successfully land on the train, drive along the tops of the containers to the engine. Be careful not to drive off. Trevor mentions to Michael that he'll need bombs as well for the work they are doing. Upon reaching the engine a cutscene shows Trevor bail off the bike and take out the engineer in the cab. You are now in control of the train. Your only controls are to look around, brake, and accelerate. Keep the train moving. You'll pass by other Merryweather guards at the train station in Paleto. They won't be getting their expected cargo. After passing through Paleto Trevor gets an update on Michael who is nearing the river inlet.

Splash down

SWITCHed to Michael, accelerate the boat over to the rail bridge. When you get close the camera focuses on the train coming across which slams head on into another. Trevor leaps off into the water as rail cars rain down around him. Back in control of Michael, plant sticky bombs on the orange container's doors then blow it up. Either toss them while driving the boat or stand up to plant them. Note the fast currents will move the boat downstream towards the waterfall.

After blowing open the doors you are SWITCHed to Trevor who is waiting on the shore nearby with a gun. Three Merryweather boats will appear from the right so be ready and take them all out before they get you or Michael. Next two Merryweather Buzzards appear, one from each side, so take them down. Now four Merryweather guards appear on the bridge. They can be difficult to spot so use the thermal scoped sniper to find and kill them. As they are being taken down another Merryweather Buzzard appears as well as two guards parachuting down from the north. Kill them all however you wish.

Michael finishes grabbing what he can and you are told to get in the Dinghy. Swim over or Michael brings the boat over to you. Get in and Michael takes off over the waterfall with Merryweather chasing. Continue to kill off Merryweather guards. You are now able to SWITCH between Michael and Trevor. Two boats will be following you followed by a vehicle on the right (boat's left). Trevor now has unlimited ammo so fire away at them. Farther down the river a Buzzard flies in shooting at you so take it down.

Let's make a deal

When they are all dead you are SWITCHed back to Michael. Drive the boat over to the beach and go to the getaway vehicles Ron had set up for them. In a cutscene Trevor wants to see the loot Michael has in the case. Michael opens it up revealing a little statue icon. Trevor was expecting something of actual value to him but Michael says it will straighten out the Madrazo situation (since he likes ancient things like this). They'll give him that and Trevor will end his relationship with Patricia. Then they won't be dead men in Los Santos. Trevor doesn't care about Los Santos and wants to keep the icon for himself.

Michael offers him something else: The Union Depository. It won't be easy but Michael thinks they can do it. Trevor reluctantly agrees. Michael takes the icon away leaving Trevor alone on the beach. Michael will apparently take the icon to Lester at a motel in Paleto who will then deal with Madrazo. Shortly after this mission Steve Haines makes a conference call with Michael and Trevor. They are ready to move on the research lab. Michael really wants to get back to Los Santos but that will need to wait. They will all meet at Cape Catfish. Franklin is already on the way there. Michael will receive a message from Jimmy that his car has been returned to the house - with some modifications. You still won't be able to go to Los Santos just yet.


  • You can reach top speed on the Sanchez along the road. Look out for other vehicles turning in front of you.
  • If you crash during the drive to the train you will not make the first jump.
  • It is very easy to overshoot the train. You almost want to jump parallel with it.
  • Even if you get Trevor to land on the train without the bike you will still fail the mission.
  • If you miss the train or fall off while riding on top, try to fall off the right side so you can (hopefully) hit another jump back on before failing.
  • Hold the accelerator when operating the train. It won't derail. You can't actually stop the train anyway.
  • There is no accuracy or headshot objectives so don't worry about those.
  • Remember to aim for the helicopter pilots to take them down faster.
  • The thermal scoped sniper is also good for the guards parachuting down onto the mountain.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 11:30.
  • Fastest Speed - Reach top speed on the Sanchez.
  • Better than CJ - Land on the train using the 1st jump.

The Paleto Score < Derailed > Monkey Business

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