Friend Request

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Michael needs a lot of money and turns to an old friend for help in finding a job. But he'll need to do him a favor first.

Rewards: Minus clothing cost
Protagonists: Michael
Mission Time
Popups Clear

Loner Lester

Michael walks up to a not-so-lavish house with security warnings posted around the door. After knocking he flips off the camera watching him and gets buzzed in. In control of Michael you are able to walk inside. Go to the right and find Lester in the rear room. Lester knows Michael needs his help and Michael knows he wasn't always very kind to Lester. Past relations aside, neither has betrayed the other so they are on good terms.

Lester gets an EyeFind Alert about college boy turned social media mogul Jay Norris of Lifeinvader. Lester - being a hacker - reads Jays emails and knows what a bad person he really is. Lester decides to avenge the people Jay has wronged and Michael will do the dirty work for him. He gives Michael a backpack and tells him to get the clothing of a millionaire math genius with low level Asperger’s. He's instructed to call Lester when he is ready. Michael says he's a bank robber, not a web designer, but Lester will find something like that later just like the old days.

Exit Lester's home and go to the Suburban store in Vinewood. Walk inside and a cutscene shows Michael asking the clerk for a little fashion assistance. She recommends cargo shorts and a vest. Walk up to the designated clothing racks and buy suitable items. When you are looking good the game will tell you to go to the Lifeinvader offices. Michael calls Lester for further instructions. Lester says to find the prototype and fit it with the device in the backpack. To get in Michael needs to hang around until someone opens the door. To be a complete saboteur he just needs to act entitled.

Meet the geeks

Park in the marker on the side of the Lifeinvader building. Walk up to the rear entrance and a cutscene takes over. With no one at the door, Michael takes a smoke break. Shortly after sitting down a younger man exits the building and begins chatting to Michael about all sorts of business talk to which Michael simply agrees with whatever he says.

Before it gets too technical Michael cuts the conversation off. The younger man finds Michael familiar but thinks he is an IT temp. He happens to need something done for him off the record. Follow the programmer as he walks through the building. He'll bring you to his computer which is suffering from a pop-up ad issue. You are told to close out all of the ads in order to find the antivirus software shortcut. Quickly close the ads before more appear. When you reach the main screen click the antivirus icon and run a scan. The computer will do that and then click to clear out the bad files.

Thanks for all the phish

With his computer saved, the air guitarist tells Michael about the prototype in the demo room. It's going to be revealed at a keynote speech later. Go to the prototype in a nearby room. Michael attaches the device from his bag and walks away. Exit the building through the back door or security will buzz you out the front. You are now told to watch the keynote on TV at Michael's house.

Michael calls Lester on the way home to confirm the prototype is rigged. Lester takes his mind of his videogame for a second to tell Michael that he needs to call the prototype after it is unveiled. When you get to the house go inside and to the right. Tracey is watching Fame or Shame and doesn't want to give up the TV. Michael wrestles the remote from her and she storms off. When Michael begins watching TV the controls are displayed.

Change the channel to find the Weazel News broadcast of the keynote. Listen to Jay Norris make some interesting points about his company. When he pulls out the Lifeinvader Mobile Device, use your phone to call it under Contacts > Jay Norris. Watch Jay's explosive performance. Michael wasn't expecting the carnage and after a few seconds turns off the TV before getting up.


  • There is no vehicle damage objective so you can drive as fast as possible to make the time objective.
  • When buying clothing, Michael's swim trunks are acceptable bottom clothing so if worn you just need to purchase the vest top.
  • Quickly change TV channels and be ready to make the call after "the future".


  • Mission Time - Complete within 08:30.
  • Popups Clear - Clear all pop-ups within 32 seconds.

Marriage Counseling < Friend Request > Casing the Jewel Store

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