Marriage Counseling

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Michael catches Amanda fooling around with her tennis coach and decides to get revenge on the guy. Franklin decides to help out his mentor.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Michael, Franklin
Not a Scratch
Mission Time
Drive-by Killer

Caught leopard skin-handed

The full mission begins with Michael. He comes home to what he thinks is an empty house. While lighting up a cigarette outside he notices two tennis rackets lying by the door. Immediately he knows what is going on and storms up the stairs. Amanda, wearing a towel and probably not much else, tries to keep her husband at bay outside the bedroom door. Michael really doesn't like the fact that he pays a guy $100 per hour to bang his wife and runs in. The tennis coach is found standing on the bed in his underwear and socks. He claims Amanda told him it was okay but Michael knows otherwise. The coach ends up breaking through a window and leaping from the balcony.

Franklin enters the property just as the coach makes his jump. When Franklin gets to the door Amanda yells for him to stop Michael. After the situation is explained Franklin decides not to stop Michael and even wants to help get the guy. As Michael, hop into the truck in the driveway and chase after the tennis coach.

Franklin wonders whose truck it is but Michael says just a guy that does work for him. He'll get it back - perhaps with a dead body in it. Michael definitely wants to do some damage to the coach since people have been shitting in his kennel for too long. The coach winds through the hills and eventually gets away. Michael knows he lives somewhere in the canyon, though, so start heading for that area.

Eventually the pair finds the coach's car on a dirt road and sees him up on a balcony. Franklin comments how well the guy is doing for himself with a house like that. Michael yells up to the coach that they haven't settled their debt and the coach continues to plead with him. Park the truck in the marker just past the house.

What goes up...

Michael tells Franklin that there is a winch in the back of the truck and to attach it to the balcony support. Franklin thinks taking down the house is a little much but Michael doesn't care. He distracts the tennis coach with more yelling as Franklin gets to work with the winch. During the argument a woman with a matching top appears next to the coach and then gets on her phone before walking away.

With the winch set, jump back into the truck. Hit the gas to start breaking things. After a few jerks the balcony comes crashing down. Franklin is amazed at what just occurred and Michael is loving every minute of it. Drive back to Michael's house.

The coach calls Michael and says it wasn't his house. Michael doesn't want to believe him but the woman gets on the phone and yells that Michael is a dead man. She says Martin Madrazo - likely the person she called on the balcony - has given him the "green light" which is another way of saying there's a hit on him. Franklin is concerned about Madrazo but Michael brishes it off. Two enemy SUVs will end up behind you with guns blazing. There are two enemies in each. Take them out however you can and get to Michael's house. You are given the option to SWITCH to Franklin if needed.

Mad Martin

Back home, Michael thanks Franklin for the help. He didn't think it was going to get that bad. Just as they are about to split another SUV pulls up. Two young thugs in the front and the woman plus an older man in the back. They hop out and the older man quickly asks if they know who he is. He knows who Michael is but Franklin is new to him. He forces Franklin to explain who he is to Michael. Franklin says he is Martin Madrazo. He was a business man wrongly accused of running a Mexican-American gang and narcotics ring. Charges were dropped when the witnesses went missing.

Martin grabs a bat from his body guard and smashes Michael. He wonders what Michael was thinking pulling the home down a hill or even thinking that a tennis coach would live there to begin with. Michael says he wasn't thinking. The girl - Natalia - will stay in a hotel for the time being and Martin ensures that Michael will finance the $2.5 million rebuilding of the house. Michael willfully agrees. The group gets back in the SUV and leaves.

Michael tells Franklin he only knows one way to make that much money. He'll need to call an old friend named Lester that should be in the area. Michael needs a little alone time and sends Franklin on his way. A while later Michael calls Lester from a park in Downtown. Lester is indeed living nearby and tells Michael to come on over.


  • Do your best not to crash during the chase. You are using Michael so there isn't a driving special ability.
  • Kill the enemies as soon as you can before they damage the truck too much. If you are quick enough you can get into Michael's driveway before they catch up to you. Wherever you stop they'll get out of their SUVs which can make for easier kills rather than driving around in the streets but also makes you an easier target too. You shouldn't need to use Franklin and there is no accuracy objective so fire away.


  • Not a Scratch - Complete with minimal damage to the Bison (truck).
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 05:30.
  • Drive-by Killer - Kill 3 enemies whilst in a vehicle.

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