Hang Ten

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Trevor finally meets Floyd's wonderful girlfriend Debra. After a tiresome chat, Trevor and Wade move on to greener pastures.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Trevor
Mission Time


Trevor finds Floyd leaving the Vespucci apartment. Floyd wants him to go and a woman's voice is heard from inside. Trevor breaks open the door and finds Floyd's girlfriend Debra shrieking. Trevor gets to the point of sexcapades she has probably had during her business trip. Debra quickly gets over her initial fear and wants Trevor to leave her home. Trevor continues to play a bit of a mind game with her and even asks for both her and Floyd's hand in marriage. Debra tells Trevor and then Floyd to leave. She has a career and doesn't need any of this. Bob - whoever that is - was right about Floyd not being man enough. With Trevor refusing to leave, Debra pulls out a gun from the kitchen and Floyd grabs a knife. Trevor says they are not nice. The screen goes black.

A little later Trevor exits the apartment covered in blood. Wade arrives and wants to see his cousin but Trevor tells him to get in the car so they can have the time of their lives. Wade follows Trevor as the camera pans up to show blood on the windows of the apartment. In control of Trevor, get in his truck and drive to the strip club. Wade says he can get Floyd and Debra but Trevor says Debra can't have fun and Floyd will meet them. After tasting Trevor's red syrup, Floyd reminds him how they met last year when Wade was going to a "gathering" with some friends. They stopped in Sandy Shores for drugs and a drug dealer (Trevor) looked after Wade when his friends abandoned him. They were last seen going to a quarry with Trevor. Strange. Now Floyd and Debra don't want him around. The only person Wade can rely on is Trevor.

When you arrive at the Vanilla Unicorn strip club a cutscene shows them entering the building. This is their new home. Trevor gets Wade a couple girls and asks another stripper where the manager's office is. He strolls down the hall and enters the office telling the manager Trevor is his new partner. You are now SWITCHed to Michael who is back at his home in Rockford Hills. He is on the phone with Lester who says Trevor called him about setting up the big score. Lester is in and will meet everyone at Trevor's acquired strip club. Lester is told to message Franklin.


  • Simple mission is simple. Just drive to the strip club. You shouldn't have an issue making the time objective but if you do, cut off Michael's phone call.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 04:00.

Monkey Business < Hang Ten > Surveying the Score

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