Hotel Assassination

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Lester has some important work for Franklin. All he needs to do is play with stock prices using a sniper rifle.

Rewards: Up to $9000, Vinewood Hills house for Franklin
Protagonists: Franklin
Mission Time
Sniper Boy
Money Earned

Stocks for stiffs

Franklin posts up along the beach and Lester takes a seat on a bench across the walkway. When Franklin comes over Lester tells him to look forward since they are two strangers having a friendly conversation. Lester reveals how he was behind the assassination of Jay Norris. Franklin isn't a fan of blowing people's heads off but Lester says these are for the good of the people - they'll also fix the stock market a little in the process. His next target is Brett Lowry whose new FDA "approved" drug is causing heart attacks.

Lowry is staying at the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Richman under guard by security forces. If he goes away then Betta Pharmaceuticals will be back on top of the stock market. Franklin is free to kill Lowry however he pleases. Lester will make the investment. They won't speak of anything. He tells Franklin to leave. Get to the hotel. You'll end up in the parking garage across from the hotel.

When you reach the marker a cinematic will show an SUV pull up to the hotel. This is part of the security team and Lowry will leave with them soon. You are told to find a good vantage point and plan your attack quickly. A timer with 1.5 minutes will start counting down to checkout. Decide your approach and get in a good position. With 45 seconds left a car with guards will drive in behind the SUV and clear out any people from the area. Lowry will exit from the right and walk over to the SUV with two guards. Kill him however you wish.

After you kill him you'll have a 2 star wanted level. The security forces are good shooters so be careful and get out of there. Lose the cops to complete the mission. Franklin calls Lester to confirm the kill. With all of this money coming in Lester's people bought a house in Vinewood Hills. They need someone to live in it and are already moving Franklin's things in. Needless to say Franklin is very thankful. When you visit it you'll be given a quick tour of the features.


  • Invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ BET) before starting this mission or immediately after. This mission will increase the value. You can also grab Bilkinton stocks (LCN BIL) while they are low. Keep an eye on your stocks afterward and sell them off as necessary.
  • If you completed Three's Company (through Michael) then Franklin will have a sniper rifle already. If you don't care about the sniper objective then you can have all kinds of fun trying different approaches.
  • Either shoot Lowry while he walks to the SUV (if you miss, he'll stop and frantically look around) or line up a shot of the SUV passenger area and wait for Lowry to get in.
  • Set up your vehicle for a quick getaway.
  • Lose the police by speeding out of their sight and then zigzag through the streets while watching your radar.


  • Mission Time - Time taken to complete mission. Not really an objective.
  • Sniper Boy - Kill the target using a Sniper Rifle.
  • Money Earned - Money earned from the hit. Not really an objective.

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