The Bus Assassination

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Lester has some important work for Franklin. All he needs to do is play with stock prices using a bus.

Rewards: Up to $7000
Protagonists: Franklin
Mission Time
Hit and Run
Money Earned

Fare Price

Franklin answers a public phone in Hawick. Lester's next target is Isaac Penny who is a capitalist about to take over Vapid Motor Company and lay off thousands of workers. Although he is a billionaire he rides the same bus to work every day so Franklin will take over the route and make sure Penny goes where he needs to go. Lester mentions that you shouldn't buy any Vapid stock until the acquisition falls apart.

Grab a bus from the depot in Downtown LS. When you get in it head out and follow the route to each bus stop. Franklin will take a look at the smiling passengers as they get on. At the fourth stop a man in a suit will get on board. Franklin points out the target and tells him to pay the fare. The man yells about a fare hike and gets off the bus to steal a bicycle before running away. Kill the target however you wish. Run him over, drive-by shooting, etc.

When he is dead leave the area. Franklin will call Lester to confirm the kill. He'll speak to Franklin soon.


  • Invest in Vapid (BAWSAQ VAP) after that stock bottoms out. Keep an eye on your stocks afterward and sell them off as necessary.
  • Drive the bus up onto the sidewalk and Penny will ride out into the road just as the bus catches up to him. You'll either pin him against a column or run him over in the street. Then exit the bus and leave the area (on the bike if you want).


  • Mission Time - Time taken to complete mission. Not really an objective.
  • Hit and Run - Kill the target using the bus.
  • Money Earned - Money earned from the hit. Not really an objective.

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