The Vice Assassination

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Lester has some important work for Franklin. All he needs to do is play with stock prices using a gun.

Rewards: Up to $3000 (objective can say 5000 but you only get 3000)
Protagonists: Franklin
Mission Time
Clean Escape
Money Earned

Working the corner

Franklin answers a public phone in Downtown LS. Lester says Jackson Skinner works for Facade as Head of Product Development. He's sold customer information all over the world to the highest bidders. He also likes to pick up hookers and has a favorite in La Puerta. Stake out the girl and wait for Skinner to appear. Lester will keep an eye on iFruit shares.

Go find the prostitute but don't get too close. You'll pull up as she is talking to a potential customer but says she is waiting for someone so the car drives off. Wait for her to enter the target's car and kill the driver. Two more cars will try their luck and drive off. Eventually a Peyote pulls up. It is obviously more expensive than the other cars and the hooker will get in. Kill the target however you wish. If you let them drive off they will go around the block to a recycling center and get busy in the lot. Eventually they finish and he kicks her out of the car. If you follow them too close the target will get suspicious and start shooting at you while driving away as fast as possible.

When he is dead leave the area before you gain a 1 star wanted level. Franklin will call Lester to confirm the kill. He'll speak to Franklin soon.


  • Invest in Fruit (BAWSAQ FRT) before starting this mission or immediately after. This mission will increase the value. You can also grab Facade stocks (BAWSAQ FAC) while they are low. Keep an eye on your stocks afterward and sell them off as necessary.
  • You cannot kill the target before he pulls up. The mission will fail because "Franklin's cover was blown".
  • It should be pretty obvious when the target pulls up. The classic car is much nicer than the other customers.
  • Easiest method for me was to park at the edge of the sidewalk's grass section and equip a sniper. All the customers sit there long enough to line up a headshot and as soon as the hooker starts to get in pull the trigger. The same can be done with another rifle or gun at closer ranges. As long as the target dies you are good so have fun trying different approaches.


  • Mission Time - Time taken to complete mission. Not really an objective.
  • Clean Escape - Complete without alerting the cops.
  • Money Earned - Money earned from the hit. Not really an objective.

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